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Is Your Property Insured to Value?

Ask yourself today if your property is fully insured in the event that disaster occurs.  Unfortunately, for most, this question is answered much too late.  After a loss, have the peace of mind that your most valuable business assets are fully protected by your insurance policy.  Under-insuring your buildings, contents/equipment, and site improvements can cause even the most successful businesses to crumble after a substantial loss, while over-valuation of insurable property can result in excessive premium payments.

According to recent property insurance industry studies:

Under Insured

of commercial property is currently under-insured

Insurance Appraisal

By an average of 40%

Property Valuation

Resulting in an under-insurance of property by $221B globally

     *Reported by Swiss Re - Sigma Report No 5/2015

Large gaps in coverage or, more importantly, lack of knowledge concerning your insurance policy and insurable values can leave your business on crutches as it tries to rebuild after a loss.  Avoid costly coinsurance penalties and "average clauses" when a property is not properly insured to value.  Good insurance and risk management decisions are rooted in accurate property and underwriting data.

Brokers and agents can offer advice on what value to insure your property for, and the most experienced ones can guide you down the right path through the use of basic online valuation tools.  The decision of what replacement value to insure your business assets ultimately rests with you.  How do you choose the proper replacement cost?  The best strategy is to hire a 3rd-party unbiased insurance appraiser to conduct a onsite study of your business assets.  AAE Consulting Group can take the guess work out of developing insurable values and can provide certified appraisals from accredited and experienced appraisers.

If you have the attitude "it will never happen to me", why carry insurance at all?

Accurate and Supportable Conclusions
AAE Consulting Group is a boutique appraisal/consulting firm specializing in providing insurable values for both the public and private sectors across the nation.  Experienced and professional staff  members are well versed in various appraisal disciplines to provide accurate and supportable values for buildings, machinery and equipment, business contents, and site improvements.

AAE Consulting Group offers its clientele with supportable conclusions that are used to aid the underwriting process, loss control exposure determination, equitable premium determinations, value segregation, and proof of loss documentation.  Through the use of our proprietary data collection technology, we provide our analysis in a secure and comprehensive manner to assist each client reach their individual project goals.

Experienced and Qualified Staff
Each project is performed by a team of highly qualified and trained professionals with the pursuit of total client satisfaction.  Accredited by the American Society of Appraisers, AAE Consulting Group team members have satisfied strict training and experience guidelines that are considered highest in the industry.

Consulting from A-Z
With the ability to staff and execute large projects with strict deadlines, we exhibit a small firm feel with the ability to turn around project conclusions quickly and answer any questions that may arise in a timely fashion.  AAE Consulting Group has a commitment to each client from start to finish to produce and support each of its appraisal conclusions.  From the project kick-off meeting to the final report delivery, we at AAE Consulting Group will work with each client to ensure complete project satisfaction and understanding.  

Property Insurance AppraisalCommitment to Value
At AAE Consulting Group, we are committed to giving each of our clients the “most bang for their consulting buck”.  With a streamlined management team and reliable staff, we are able to reduce overhead and offer a superior product at a discounted fee.  Our goal for each project is to save our clients money, typically through two avenues - 1) By having your property insured to full value, we can save you money in the event of a loss by ensuring that the full replacement value is paid by your insurance provider.  2) Collecting and reporting accurate and complete underwriting and COPE data will provide the underwriting process with a full "risk picture".  This often leads to decreased insurance rates, which directly affects the premium paid on your property insurance policy.

Our marketing team is currently offering a free, no obligation desktop review service that would allow an appraiser to review your current property portfolio in depth.  A few basic pieces of information will allow the appraiser to review your current property values and produce a report that will flag any outliers that do not fall within the square foot cost parameters of similar buildings using current construction costs and labor rates.  Upon completion of this desktop review, a phone consultation would be conducted to explain any findings and offer recommendations to ensure that your properties are insured to value.  These recommendations would serve as a baseline in discussions of whether a full on-site appraisal is warranted.  In select cases, AAE Consulting has produced a further on-site pilot study appraisal at no charge.

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