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Consulting Experience

  • Collected and created market-ready property valuation and underwriting database for self-insured governmental entity - producing significant re-insurance premium dollar cost savings.
  • Segregated cost valuation of electrical, water, wastewater, and stormwater utility company in Indiana.
  • Various high-profile buildings for the City/County of Denver including County Library and City/County Building.
  • Numerous Catholic Church valuations in Maryland, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Nebraska.
  • Numerous Presbyterian Church valuations in California, Oregon, and New York.
  • Numerous governmental (public sector) valuations for village, townships, cities, counties, and utility management organizations including:  administration, parks and rec, service, public safety, utilities, and various other property types.
  • Various educational sector appraisals including public school districts, universities, and private institutions.
  • Numerous property valuations for private sector entities utilizing the detailed segregated cost approach.

Firm Highlights

  • Development of proprietary valuation and reporting software system for real property utilizing the cost approach for both buildings and personal property/contents.
  • Promoted and developed various technology advances including handheld scanning devices, voice recognition software implementation, and tablet-based data collection software.
  • Development of proprietary fixed/capital asset inventory and valuation software used to satisfy regulations set forth by GASB 34.
  • Development of infrastructure pricing guidelines for various utility and municipal purposes including water, wastewater, stormwater, and electrical supply/distribution.
  • Development and implementation of machinery and equipment trend/inflation factors utilizing government issued indices used in determining historic cost estimates.
  • Development and implementation of various construction material locational factors to accurately report replacement values for insurance purposes.
  • Development and implementation of loss control methodologies used in risk exposure and underwriting analysis.

*All clientele shown above were either managed or appraised by staff of AAE Consulting Group either independently or as employed by a previous firm.


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